Our place of worship

Newcastle Unitarian Church
The Church of the Divine Unity

The Newcastle Unitarian Church
is a congregation of explorers.

We honour each other's capacity
to connect with the Divine Spirit.

We draw inspiration from Christian,
mystic and secular sources.

We engage in critical thinking -
free of dogma or creed.

We follow the moral guidance
of conscience.

We are united
in our lowliness,
in our respect for all creation,
in our appreciation of diversity,
in our willingness to serve
and in our desire for spiritual growth.

We meet for worship on Sundays at 11 am.

You are very welcome to join us.

We Bid You Welcome

We bid you welcome
who come with weary spirit seeking rest;
who come with troubles
that are too much with you;
who come hurt and afraid.

We bid you welcome
who come with hope in your heart;
who come with anticipation in your step;
who come proud and joyous.

We bid you welcome
who are seekers of a new faith;
who come to probe and explore;
who come to learn.

We bid you welcome
who enter this hall as a homecoming;
who have found here room for your spirit;
who find in this people a family.

Whoever you are;
whatever you are;
wherever you are on your journey,
we bid you welcome.

Richard S Gilbert