Celebrating Life Events

We offer ceremonies to mark significant life events, such as weddings, child namings and funerals. Our ceremonies are designed with the family to create a unique and moving service that reflects individual beliefs and values.


rings We welcome inquiries from couples - including same-sex couples - who wish to be married within a liberal spiritual tradition. Whether you are single or divorced, mixed faith or no particular faith you can be married in our church. Click here for more information.

blessing Welcoming Children

We work with parents to create a meaningful way of welcoming their new child into their family and community. Ceremonies may take the form of a naming, a blessing, or a baptism. Click here for more information.

orchids Funerals

Whether at a crematorium, place of worship, home or graveside, we are concerned primarily with the needs and wishes of the bereaved, and seek to reflect the life and beliefs of the deceased person in a personal way. Click here for more information.

Other Ceremonies

It is also possible to design ceremonies for other significant life events. Should you wish to discuss this possibility you should contact our minister.