Peace Walk


We attend meditation week ends and other Unitarian holiday breaks run by the Meditation Fellowship, who also run events sometimes at Edmund Kell. These typically also include poetry reading and circle dance.

Lunch Club for the Homeless

This is suspended until the 15th of June 2020 due to the Coronavirus, at which point the situation will be reassessed.

Earth Spirit group

This meets every six weeks based on the Celtic festivals (see the calendar for details). This has a relaxed atmosphere, children welcome.

Southern Unitarian Association

We are part of the SUA, members of the church attend SUA meetings, some of which are held at Edmund Kell.

Junior Church

At present we do not have a functioning Junior Church. Whilst families with children are not regular attendees, they are always very welcome. We have trained and vetted junior church leaders and a structure in place which conforms to all the requirements of our General Assembly code of Practice. It is our hope that we may provide the Chalice Children Programme of Unitarian religious education if there is enough interest. We would, of course, like prior, notice of your attendance, to enable us to offer the best experience for your child.

Other groups who use our building

Our building is let during the week to a variety of interesting groups. One of these is the City of Southampton Society. It aims to take an interest in the heritage of the city. There is also a woodcraft group, yoga, drumming and United Nations. Contact our lettings officer for details.