Stratford Unitarians

Our place of worship

Here is quietness for the healing of our spirits;
Here is history for the background of our lives;
Here is thinking for the enlarging of our minds;
Here is fellowship for the warming of our souls.

We are a Church that lives its daily principles, of freedom reason and Our mission statement for 2014 is to focus on caring sharing and understanding the community in which we live in and around,emphasising that every individual matters and we are more concerned with quality of life, rather than seeing spirituality as a production line. We invite you to come and Search for your own truth. With our church community living in the now we try to find the means to express our Deepest self in ways that are determined by our conscience. We intend our new year to be mindful in worship! proactive. In social justice and boldly in ways of living our faith. In everyday life. Our creativity is brought together in practical ways through Spoken Word, Music and Art exhibitions.

To conclude we in our church have a safeguarding policy and practise, It is our intention ad expectation that everyone is respected and is made to feel safe. News