Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry

In recent years, the Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry has played an important role in supporting lay people working in our congregations, by presenting sessions at the General Assembly and holding an annual conference at The Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow. Our conferences reflect aspects of ministering to our congregations and helping our members to be more confident by supporting them in their role. We have close links with the Worship Studies Course Group, and WSC students are encouraged to attend our annual conference.

Two years ago we (in retrospect, mistakenly) decided to stop charging the 10.00 Membership fee. This has meant that we have not had contact details of lay people who were members and those who would like to hear about UALM, our support network and training events.

We are relaunching UALM at the General Assembly in 2021 and to help us in this undertaking we would like you to answer our short questionnaire and to add any comments which will help us to once again become the vibrant, informative association which supports any and ALL lay people who take part in any ministry to their congregations.

The Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry exists to support Lay Ministry in ALL its forms. Its objectives are: to support all those involved in delivering worship in Unitarian churches and chapels; to support all those in lay leadership of a Unitarian congregation, whatever form this might take; and to promote and share best practice in Unitarian worship and lay ministry.

Please take time to fill in this short Questionnaire and send your reply to Chrissie Wilkie

UALM Questionnaire here in pdf format or docx format

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