Worship Materials

Opening Words

In this time of continuing insecurity and social upheaval,
When we are unable to meet in person,
I invite you into this time of online worship.
For this short time,
Let us put our worldly cares aside,
Close our eyes and imagine ourselves
To be in our places of worship,
Surrounded by members of our beloved community,
And be together, if only virtually,
For this short hour.

Sue Woolley

Chalice Lighting Words


Spirit of Life and Love,
Be with us as we gather for worship,
each in their own place.
Help us to feel a sense of community,
even though we are physically apart.
Help us to care for each other,
in this difficult time of lockdown,
keeping in touch however we can,
and helping each other,
however we may.
We hold in our hearts
the brave and dedicated staff of the NHS,
and other key workers,
who are carrying on in difficult conditions,
and all those
whose lives have been touched,
in whatever way,
by painful events, in their lives,
and in the wider world,
of which we are all a part.

Sue Woolley

Spirit of Life and Love, here and everywhere,
May we be aware of your presence in our lives.
May our world be blessed.
May our daily needs be met,
And may our shortcomings be forgiven,
As we forgive those of others.
Give us the strength to resist wrong-doing,
The inspiration and guidance to do right,
And the wisdom to know the difference.
We are your hands in the world; help us to grow.
May we have compassion for all living beings,
And receive whatever life brings,
With courage and trust.

Sue Woolley


Closing Words / Benedictions

Spirit of Life and Love,
Open our hearts,
That we may appreciate all the moments
In our lives, and be thankful.
May we return to our everyday world refreshed,
May we share the love we feel,
May we look out for each other,
And may we keep up our hearts,
Now and in the days to come,

Chalice lighting words by Clare Wilton for seasonal Bright Lights services


Winter tickles its icy fingers over the land
and the cold air awakens our feet, our hands
and our minds.
Peering between the bare branches of trees
something brand new is revealed.
With our spirits refreshed,
we light this candle
to welcome the circling of the year

As the freshness of autumn blows in
the trees dress themselves in brighter colours.
Cobwebs glitter on frosty stems
and conkers fill our pockets
as we wrap up and breathe out like dragons.
With a warm fire kindling in our hearts,
we light this candle
to welcome the circling of the year.

Pushing up through an awakened earth,
are the green shoots of new life
and our hopes for warmer days.
Together with all living things, we will grow
to fill the new spaces in the air and the land.
As the very cells of our bodies relax and expand
we light this candle
to welcome the circling of the year.

There is so much of everything at this time of year.
We witness the swelling of light and leaves;
of days and dreams.
The heat irons out wrinkles and opens the pores
letting out staleness and drawing love back in its place.
Rekindled by the sun,
we light this candle
to welcome the circling of the year.