UK Unitarian Congregations

This map shows where there are Unitarian congregations: chapels, churches or fellowships. The little blue dots indicate each congregation.

There are TWO ways you can use this page:

Either: click, on the map, as near to where you live as you can - to be taken to an interactive Google map showing your nearest Unitarian congregations,

Or: if you know the name of your local district, select it from the list on the left, to be given a detailed listing of the congregations in the district.

Map of the British Isles showing locations of the Unitarian congregations Southern Unitarian Association Western Union London District & South Eastern Provincial Assembly Eastern Union Midland Union East Midland Unitarians Manchester District Association East Cheshire Union Merseyside District Ministry Association North & East Lancs Unitarian Mission Sheffield & District Association Yorkshire Union of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches North East England Scottish Unitarian Association South Wales Unitarian Society South East Wales Unitarian Society Ireland

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