Ullet Road Unitarian Church

57 Ullet Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 2AA

Fundraising for Ullet Road Church

Ullet Road Church is a grade one listed building. It is at the heart of the community with various activities, concerts, and celebrations. With the continuing lockdown, the church is not gaining the valuable income it needs to maintain the church. Ullet Road Church has a wonderfully rich heritage; the great and the good as part of our community. William Rathbone who established District Nursing, William Roscoe the founder of the first botanical gardens, the first free lending library, and of course he was the great abolitionist of his time. Ullet Road Church houses wonderful artwork. The Edward Byrne-Jones stained glass windows and decorate the nave and the chancel and there is much more. Also, it is the first church in the country to hold a same-sex civil partnership in a religious building. Ullet Road Church is probably the most open-minded church in Merseyside. Please help support this wonderful church and its community.

Ullet Road Church has a rich community and during this challenging time, the church building is missing people. People being together, through all the various stages of their lives, through their joys and sorrows. Please help support the church in continuing its work in the community; a haven from the everydayness of life, a liberal space where ALL wedding ceremonies can take place, same-sex, divorced, interfaith. To continue our work with our refugee football team. Our fun and empowering Sunday School! A religious community that is able to express what is their truth.



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