Ullet Road Unitarian Church

57 Ullet Road, Sefton Park,
Liverpool L17 2AA

Ullet Road Church

Ullet Road Church will partially close from Wednesday 4th November 2020, Midnight and reopen on Thursday 3rd December 2020

Ullet Road Church will initiate a Private Prayer Service held each Sunday from 10am to 1pm.

Ullet Road Church will initiate a NEW PARENT AND TODDLER SUPPORT GROUP, this will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 9.30am to 11.30am

All other activities and services will halt during these historic times

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Welcome to Ullet Road Unitarian Church.

Unitarianism is a church of faith and reason, not constrained by dogma or creed, I believe the divine makes itself known by various means and Unitarianism allows for intellectual exploration. Our searching for meaning has been explored since humanity set foot on earth, Unitarianism allows Freedom of inquiry, Reason to argue and Tolerance to accept others opinions and beliefs in God

We look forward to getting to know you, particularly if you are new to the church. We warmly invite you to our services.

Presently the church will be maintaining social distancing. When arriving at Church you will be asked to sit in a pew with a red cushion, do not sit on the grey cushioned pews. There will be no refreshments at the end of the service. There will be hand sanitizer throughout the building and especially in the entrance of the church. You can use the toilets. The church is well maintained and cleaned throughout the week. At the end of the Service, you can stay and socialize in the pew you are seated in. After 30 minutes the church will be then closed.

If your interested in Unitarianism and the Church, give us a call or we can arrange to meet at the church.

Sunday Service begins at 11.00am every Sunday.

Wednesday Prayer Service begins at 11.00am every Wednesday.

Church Administrator: Viki Rose. E-Mail: vikiunitarian@gmail.com. Mobile: 07712 865977

Minister:The Reverend Philip Waldron: E-Mail: philipunitarian@gmail.com. Mobile: 07828 883484


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