Ullet Road Unitarian Church

57 Ullet Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 2AA

Social Action

Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Ullet Road Church supported a local band who filmed the music video Christmas Time. All the money raised will help Pancreatic Cancer UK in the research. I had the honour to play the cymbal in this video, please click on the link and give generously...Rev Phil Waldron



"Come to Ullet Road Church on the Wednesday 9th December 2015, at 12noon to 1.45pm. Liverpool Amnesty "Write for Rights" -

The images are about the Wright for Rights campaign so its not a separate issue. Above the images the text "Linda, a member of our church and other members of Liverpool Amnesty UK on Bold Street, Liverpool.... members of the public sending cards of encouragement to the four below" Every year during November and December we ask you to join our Write for Rights campaign and write a letter, send a message of hope to someone suffering human rights abuses. Presidents, police chiefs and prison governors do take note when they receive hundreds of appeals to release a prisoner, stop the harassment of an activist or change an unjust law. Use your freedom of expression to stand up for the freedom of others"". - Amnesty International, 2015.

All are welcome to come to Ullet Road, have a cup of tea and send a message of hope....Blessings, Rev Phil Waldron.

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A wonderful evening at Ullet Road Church Hall on 31st October 2015, Klezmer-ish and the church raised approx o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=�������������£1000 for the charity Asylum Link Merseyside, who do amazing work for those seeking refugee in the United Kingdom

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Ullet Road Unitarian Church Welcome Refugees To Liverpool

On the 10th September 2015, congregation members and the community had a Banner Workshop, Liverpool welcomes Refugees. On the 12th September at 12 O'Clock we will all meet outside St Luke's Church.

Childrens Social
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St Lukes Rally (click images to enlarge)