Rev Danny Crosby

From the Minister

Ministers Message We have never lived in a more connected time. We can talk face to face, with virtually anyone on earth and yet people are increasingly experiencing a sense of disconnection and isolation. We are living in what has been described as “the age of loneliness”. Perhaps the problem is not so much that people do not talk, its more that we don’t talk enough about the things that really matter. This is certainly something that has been discussed over and over again in the engagement groups I lead in both communities that I serve. It seems to be the thing that those who attend are most grateful for. A place to talk about the things that really matter and to do so while sitting side by side in circle with others. There are many theories as to why people feel lonelier than ever in this age of incredible communication. Why do we feel so lonely? I believe that part of the problem is that we do not see ourselves in each other. There seems to be less of a sense of our common humanity. We do not see the sacredness of one another’s lives. People seem ever more divided from one another and thus do not listen and or share one another’s joy and suffering. We all know joy and we all know suffering. So what can be done? Well we are trying to get involved locally. We have applied to try support the “creation of a chat bench in Urmston, as we have in Altrincham and are putting in place measures to open our communities to those in need. In what ever ways we can. We are offering a space where people can come and sit and talk, side by side. A bench is simply an object for sitting on, but it can become a place of transformation and healing, a sacred holy site. It can if used in the right way. It can become a place where people can begin to find themselves, to find someone who will listen and begin to share their heart. A place where the spirit of love can come to life and incarnate in this our world and a place where the kin-dom of love can begin again. It begins by a someone finding someone else to draw close to and begin to heal this our fractured and hurting world. It begins with you and it begins with me, you never know your next conversation may just save the world. Date for Calendar Common Search for Meaning will not meet in August Wednesday 18th September at 11am “Our Common Search for Meaning: Perfectly Imperfect” Extra Material