Understanding Unitarians

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Understanding Unitarians 1: Inclusiveness

Rev Michael Dadson (Minister of Macclesfield Unitarian Church) talks about why Unitarians are inclusive.


uu2 Understanding Unitarians 2: What is a Creedless Faith?

Rev Jo James (Minister of Mill Hill Unitarian Church, Leeds) talks about why the Unitarianism is a creedless faith.

uu3 Understanding Unitarians 3: A Liberal Religion

Rev Feargus O'Connor (Unitarian Minister at Golders Green and St Albans) talks about why Unitarians are an example of a liberal religion and how this lins with interfaith dialogue.

uu4 Understanding Unitarians 4: A Different Approach to Religion

Rev Matthew Smith (Unitarian Minister at Bury St Edmunds) talks about why Unitarianism is a different approach to religion.

uu5 Understanding Unitarians 5: Do Unitarians Believe in God?

Stephen Lingwood (Minister of Bank St Chapel, Bolton) talks about whether Unitarians believe in God.

uu6 Understanding Unitarians 6: Worship Services

Jef Jones (Lay Leader of Brighton Unitarians) talks about what you can expect at a Unitarian worship service.

uu7 Understanding Unitarians 7: Are Unitarians Christians?

Rev Cliff Reed answers this question which is more complex that it sounds.

uu8 Understanding Unitarians 8: A Unitarian View of Jesus?

Retired Unitarian minister Rev Cliff Reed talks about how many Unitarians view Jesus.

uu9 Understanding Unitarians 9: Are Unitarians Pagans?

James Barry (film series producer) gives his answers this question.

uu10 Understanding Unitarians 10: Baptisms, Namings, Weddings and Funerals

Rev Anna Jarvis (Minister of Monton Unitarian Church) talks about whatis different about a Unitarian Baptism, Naming, Wedding or Funeral (a rite of passage).

uu11 Understanding Unitarians: 11: Family and Community

2016 National Unitarian President Dot Hewerdine explains that many people are Unitarians for the feeling of community.

uu12 Understanding Unitarians 12: Unitarian Hierarchy

Jef Jones (Lay Leader of Brighton Unitarians) talks about whatis different about the Unitarian hierarchy to many other church organisations.

uu14 Understanding Unitarians 14: Youth Programme - Adult's View

Rev Anna Jarvis (Youth Leader) and Rev Simon Ramsay (parent of children who attended youth activities) talk about the national Unitarian Youth Programme.

uu16 Understanding Unitarians 16: Youth Programme - Fun Days Away

Sarah Hall reads our her poem about the youth activity called 'Fun Days Away' (FDA). This event is the 'summer camp' of the Unitarian Youth Programme.