Understanding Unitarians

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Understanding Unitarians 16: Youth Programme - Fun Days Away

Sarah Hall reads our her poem about the youth activity called 'Fun Days Away' (FDA). This event is the 'summer camp' of the Unitarian Youth Programme.


uu1 Understanding Unitarians 1: Inclusiveness

Rev Michael Dadson (Minister of Macclesfield Unitarian Church) talks about why Unitarians are inclusive.

uu2 Understanding Unitarians 2: What is a Creedless Faith?

Rev Jo James (Minister of Mill Hill Unitarian Church, Leeds) talks about why the Unitarianism is a creedless faith.

uu3 Understanding Unitarians 3: A Liberal Religion

Rev Feargus O'Connor (Unitarian Minister at Golders Green and St Albans) talks about why Unitarians are an example of a liberal religion and how this lins with interfaith dialogue.

uu4 Understanding Unitarians 4: A Different Approach to Religion

Rev Matthew Smith (Unitarian Minister at Bury St Edmunds) talks about why Unitarianism is a different approach to religion.

uu5 Understanding Unitarians 5: Do Unitarians Believe in God?

Stephen Lingwood (Minister of Bank St Chapel, Bolton) talks about whether Unitarians believe in God.

uu6 Understanding Unitarians 6: Worship Services

Jef Jones (Lay Leader of Brighton Unitarians) talks about what you can expect at a Unitarian worship service.

uu7 Understanding Unitarians 7: Are Unitarians Christians?

Rev Cliff Reed answers this question which is more complex that it sounds.

uu8 Understanding Unitarians 8: A Unitarian View of Jesus?

Retired Unitarian minister Rev Cliff Reed talks about how many Unitarians view Jesus.

uu9 Understanding Unitarians 9: Are Unitarians Pagans?

James Barry (film series producer) gives his answers this question.

uu10 Understanding Unitarians 10: Baptisms, Namings, Weddings and Funerals

Rev Anna Jarvis (Minister of Monton Unitarian Church) talks about whatis different about a Unitarian Baptism, Naming, Wedding or Funeral (a rite of passage).

uu11 Understanding Unitarians: 11: Family and Community

2016 National Unitarian President Dot Hewerdine explains that many people are Unitarians for the feeling of community.

uu12 Understanding Unitarians 12: Unitarian Hierarchy

Jef Jones (Lay Leader of Brighton Unitarians) talks about whatis different about the Unitarian hierarchy to many other church organisations.

uu14 Understanding Unitarians 14: Youth Programme - Adult's View

Rev Anna Jarvis (Youth Leader) and Rev Simon Ramsay (parent of children who attended youth activities) talk about the national Unitarian Youth Programme.