Picture of our building


We are the direct heirs of a congregation that can trace its origins back to the sixteenth century. Like our ancestors who built the chapel in 1752, we are liberal religious thinkers who value diversity of belief. Today we respect insights from Christianity and non-Christian religions. We view Jesus as a great teacher rather than a god. We see the Bible as an inspiring book but not the actual word of God. We offer individuals the freedom to develop their own spirituality.

Ours is an active congregation; members' individual interests and commitments include the Co-operative Movement, promoting Fairtrade, the Alzheimer's Disease Society, the Royal British Legion, Freemasonry, local amenity societies, Meals on Wheels, running a unique local history study centre, Wakefield Hospice, Second Chance, various political parties and the Stroke Club. Some sing in a number of choirs. Others research and write local history. The essential spiritual base is of liberal Christianity but its diversity is reflected in individual association with the Pagan Fellowship and the Sea of Faith.

Much of the information on this site is out of date, especially concerning weddings. Repeated emails to the "team" get ignored, so we have a new website.