Our Minister

Reverend Helen M Mills (BSc) Psychology MA (Religious Studies) Dip Couns

Helen has been a Unitarian Minister for many years. Her previous experiences include Counselling (NHS, Post Adoption, Private Practice) with specialism in Bereavement & Loss. Prior to this Helen worked abroad and in the RAF, returning to the U.K to study Psychology and later Religious/Spiritual studies.

Helen on Unitarianism........
"If you ask what Unitarianism is, you may get many different answers from different people, that is the beauty of it I think, the religious freedom.
My view is that we are spiritual beings, and whilst on this earth, we can focus upon cultivating greater wisdom and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and each other. At one time or another, we all face challenges, whether at work, home, in relationships, through loss, or illness. Inner awareness may help us to manage the situations we face and transform how we deal with them. The connection between spirituality and psychology is an area of special interest to me. The depths of most world religions offer this message, as do spiritual teachers in more recent times. Some of the latter which I find especially helpful are, for example, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Anita Moorjani.