Women's Group Logo


  1. To explore what it means to be a woman and a Unitarian and to share this exploration.
  2. To encourage the formation of small groups of women.
  3. To consider the role women can have in propagating peace and protecting the environment.
  4. To promote equal rights and opportunities, dignity and worth of all women regardless of race, age, class, sexual preference or disability.
  5. To consider the nature of church-based activities and to break down the barriers that restrict some activities to one sex or the other.
  6. To extend number 5 to non-church areas such as domestic work.
  7. To educate Unitarians about the nature and effects of sexist attitudes.
  8. To make a positive contribution to Unitarian thought; in particular a re-evaluation of the importance of emotions, personal experience and the caring roles traditionally played by women in the church.
  9. To rediscover the stories of women who have made a significant contribution to Unitarianism and to humanity.
  10. To raise concern over social issues, e.g. violence against women, birth control, etc.
  11. To have contact with women in other religious groups.