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ANNOUNCEMENT - We returned to Sunday Meeting House gatherings from the first Sunday in September at 3pm, with Zoom services continuing on second, fourth and fifth Sundays at 4pm (email the minister for details). In-person gatherings are temporarily suspended again due to Omicron but we hope to return in February. All are welcome to share the BEAUTY and PEACE of the Meeting House by trying out our refreshingly OPEN-MINDED services.

Upcoming Sunday gathering themes are as follows - TO BE CONFIRMED

Our monthly online "secular" discussion group, the ART OF CONVERSATION, which is open to all is relaunching at the end of January. We intend to revive convivial in-person meetings in the spring. Find us via the website. Alternatively, please email Matt the minister at to get the link.
Our VISION is to be a supportive and inclusive community of open hearts and minds, committed to love and justice. We gather to celebrate the meaning of our lives - connecting with others, locally and globally, to build a fairer, more peaceful world.
We set aside dogma of any kind - instead aiming to support one another on life's journey, gathering as a community of questioning, positive faith and hope for our common future.

The Meeting House is used for many purposes beyond faith meetings, including lunches, choir rehearsals, concerts, dramatic performances, history lectures and AGMs of local organisations. If room hire is your interest, your enquiries are best directed to, where the bookings diary is held and you will get all the information you need on times, prices and conditions.

If your interest is in a funeral, a wedding or a child's naming ceremony please contact the minister in the first instance - Rev. Matt Smith Tel: (01728) 621409 - .

Our place of worship
Seeking individual spiritual truth according to our best understanding - accepting how we are unique and yet have so much in common.
Who are the Unitarians?
Unitarians find the following important:
  • An inclusive outlook, giving due weight to reason and personal experience, where individual conscience is respected
  • Questioning and searching for higher truths
  • Valuing deeds (how we live daily) above creeds
  • Joining others with diverse beliefs seeking meaning together and fellowship with one another
If this is your outlook, you may find that the Bury St Edmunds Unitarian Congregation can offer you a spiritual home. Unitarians are not exclusive; we welcome all people of goodwill.

Bury St Edmunds Unitarian Congregation is an Excepted Charity in membership of the Unitarian General Assembly (full title - the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches). Our Privacy Notice in relation to data protection may be found on the Activities page on this website.