Our pulpit

Previously used
domestic organ donated
by the Tate Family

We have a number of activities in addition to the services. A monthly Business Meeting is held when members discuss matters concerning the organisation of the Chapel. A major concern is that we are losing more members than are joining us. We are currently addressing the question of how we can best tackle the challenge of appealing to the younger generation. Our message of reason freedom and tolerance is one which should be attracting enquiring minds, looking at personal values and spirituality.

Although the Unitarian Church, in this country, started as a liberal Christian movement, when the non-conformists split away from the creeds of the orthodox Church, we have come a long way since then. A spectrum of beliefs has emerged over the centuries and we have become an inclusive church which welcomes those from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, especially those willing to bring their own form of spirituality to fuel our flame of Truth. Our national symbol, The Flaming Chalice, has become a true symbol of personal faith, different for us all as individuals and formed by the interaction with others who seek religious freedom. This means that our sacred flame is fuelled by all who meet her and exchange ideas.

Our pulpit

Headstone of
William Tate

When Mark Hutchinson, as a mature student Minister, spoke on Chorley Radio recently, he was interviewed by a reporter who put up her hands and admitted to not having heard of the Unitarian Church. This gave him a great opportunity to explain a personal philosophy which is different for everyone and does not necessarily emerge from attending Sunday Services in a church or Chapel. As we browse the web, we respond more to some postings and video-clips than others. The challenge for our Unitarian congregation, here in Chorley today, is to attract a new generation who want to explore personal values with like minded individuals. Connecting with you (if you are one of these people) is high on our agenda of "activities"

Members of the Chapel are involved in a number of active groups in Chorley. Our Treasurer is a member of the Chorley Historical Society and regularly gives talks about the history of the Tate Family and their connection with a Unitarian "presence" here.

Our pulpit

Heritage Day 2016

Several of our members are involved in regional and national Unitarian activities, including visits to the Nightingale Centre, our National Unitarian Holiday Centre in Derbyshire, for walking activities, conferences and activities like The Unitarian Music Society. We also raise funds for charities like "Derion House" and "Send a Child to Hucklow", a charity which gives holidays to children from inner city deprived areas where the children have never enjoyed a holiday in the countryside before. Much of the time we spend at Great Hucklow is for relaxation and fun. Conferences there look at issues such as "This Planet" what are we leaving for our children… This year, there was a conference with the theme of "Inequality and its effects on Society".

New members are encouraged to get involved in all these activities, as well as representing our Chapel at the Annual General Assembly Meetings, where they will meet Unitarians from all over the United Kingdom.