About the year 1858 Mr. A Stradling, a working man who had recently joined the Northgate End congregation at Halifax, possessed with a convert's zeal, was anxious to do something for the cause he had espoused. He began visiting the neglected hamlet of Pepper Hill, and founded, first, a Mutual Improvement Society, and then a Sunday School. For their place of meeting a cottage was hired and the rent paid by the members, and when evening service was commenced, there was often a crowd of sixty or seventy persons in the little room. In 1862 the present building was opened, and, though intended for public worship, the original name "School-House" was maintained. The trust deed provides that the building shall be "used for the assembling of a congregation for the worship of Almighty God, and for schools and classes for religious and general improvement and instruction, and for lectures and other means of social improvement." There has never been a settled minister, but the congregation long enjoyed the devoted services of Mr. John Pickles, of Bradford. Under the care of lay preachers and ministers associated with the union it has kept well together, and is ambitious of more suitable premises.

The above is an extract from a 1904 publication titled 'Unitarian Churches of Yorkshire'.

Since 1904 the chapel has seen mixed fortunes with near disaster when the roof collapsed completely in the 1930's.

Michael Bolt, Organist cum painter

In more modern times the Chapel has undergone major improvement with the fitting of a new internal disabled toilet,a disabled ramp, a hot air heating system and it has been fully redecorated.

There is still no permanent minister We do however now have joint Pastors, Rev. Celia Midgley & Rev. John Midgley The Chapel has a small but enthusiastic following. The chapel has the highest Unitarian pulpit in England and is said to be 1005 feet above sea level. Last year the members celebrated the 152nd anniversary and things are going from strength to strength.

Claims to fame!

The 10 Beautiful ArtDeco windows were installed in 1936 at a total cost of o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=o?=£50 11 Shillings, and 11 Pence

Pepper Hill Chapel has the dubious honour of once been frequented by the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo.

A member of the congregation at Pepper Hill was married in the chapel and along with other personalities amongst the invited guest was Mr.Paul and Mrs. Linda McCartney, now Sir Paul McCartney. Unfortunately on the day the couple were unable to attend due to ill health on the part of Mrs. McCartney. Our Chapel to-day is in excellent order. Much work has been done this year to bring the outside of the Chapel to the same very high Standard of the interior. Unitarians have always been at the forefront of Social change. Their most recent efforts have been in the fields of Assisted Dying, and Same Gender Marriages