Unitarian Links

The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches is the central British Unitarian organization. Its website on www.unitarian.org.uk gives an excellent overview of Unitarianism in Britain, its activities and the locations of all Unitarian groups in Britain.

The National Unitarian Fellowship is a nationwide British network, for the exchange of ideas, opinions and news; a point of contact for all with similar ideas whether they belong to a congregation or not and is, perhaps, especially attractive to those who live in remote areas, are on the move or who work on Sundays. Its website is on www.nufonline.org.uk .

The International Council for Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) is a worldwide network of Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist organizations. Its website on www.icuu.net has been designed partly with those new to Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism in mind.

How to contact the Scottish Unitarian Association

The Association is basically a network of the Unitarian congregations in Scotland, so if you wish to make contact with the SUA, you may find it most convenient to do so via one of the Unitarian congregations listed on this website.

Alternatively, to contact the secretary of the SUA by email, click the 'SEND A MESSAGE' button on the 'Contact Details' page.