Taunton Unitarians

Our services can be viewed as a celebration of our deepest values. We see our religious beliefs as relevant to all aspects of life including the wider community.

Every service is different, but most consist of some (or all) of the following: music, hymn-singing, readings (from many sources and from many faiths), an address, prayers or meditation and a few minutes silence for your personal reflections.

We also enjoy a wide variety of perspectives from visiting speakers who are often Unitarian, but can include Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and Pagans.

Services are on first and third Sundays, usually services are led by a guest speaker, otherwise we have 'contributed' services where members of the congregation contribute music, readings, poems, etc, on a per-arranged theme. All starting at 11.00am (unless otherwise stated). Followed of course by tea and biscuits (or coffee and cookies) and lots of chat, in the Manse at the rear of the chapel

A Calendar of forthcoming services at Taunton Unitarians is available on our page on Facebook

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