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This is an anthology taken from the printed newsletters of the League; it is not intended to be a history of the League. All the extracts in this book, with the exception of extracts from the early minutes, are the exact words as printed in the League Letter of the day.


'The best way to understand what Unitarians stand for is not to consult a dictionary definition, but to know something of their story'

Raymond Holt February 1949

This is the story of a hundred years of the Unitarian Women's League   or, to give it its full title, the British League of Unitarian and Free Christian Women. It is taken from the pages of the League's Newsletter variously called 'The Monthly Letter' (1909-1946), untitled from 1946 to 1968, then 'Women' (1968 to 1975) and the League Letter since 1975.


There are 10 sections   'The Seasons'; 'Family, Children and Parenting'; 'People'; 'Meetings'; International'; 'Women and Ministry'; 'Love Your Neighbour'; 'Books and Reading'; 'Poetry'; 'Devotions'.

This book was the inspiration of Mrs. Judy Hague of Fulwood, Sheffield (National President in 1997 and twice editor of The League Letter).

Copies are available from Mrs. J. Hague, 39 Cobden View Road, Crookes, Sheffield S10 1HP £7.50 inc pp. Cheques should be made payable to Unitarian Women's League

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