What's Happening at Our Old Meeting House

From the Trustees - OMH re-opening on September 6th

The Old Meeting House is ready to re-open and welcome you back into its sacred space for Sunday Services.

The coronavirus pandemic however, has not gone away. We have to stay alert and comply with Government regulations. Our Services may feel very different at first and you may find the changes hard, but we have a duty to follow guidance and to keep everybody safe.

Before the Service

Please say "hello" and have socially distanced conversations in the grounds before entering chapel. There will be signs in the grounds reminding you to keep a 2m distance from others.

Entering Chapel

Please form a socially distanced queue as you come into Chapel. Please put your mask on as you are waiting (unless you are exempt because of medical reasons). Masks need to be worn throughout the service and whenever you are in the Chapel building. Once through the door, you will be asked to sanitise your hands using the gel provided by Chapel or your own from home.

Inside Chapel

There will be a one-way system in Chapel. You will enter by the left hand door (the clock side) and exit by the right hand door (pulpit side). You will be shown to your pew and you should stay there until the end of the service. Cushions have had to be removed but you can bring a cushion from home as long as you take it home again afterwards.

The Service

We have to keep movement to a minimum during the service. Rev. Maria Pap will take the service from the pulpit. Tom will play the organ but there will be no choir as there can be no singing. Services will be around 40 minutes long and will begin at 11am. The service will also be showing live on Zoom so you can choose to stay at home and join us for worship online. The offertory will not be taken but you can leave your collection on the plate as you leave the Chapel.

After the Service

Once the service is ended, everyone needs to exit by the door on the pulpit side of Chapel. Please leave your pew slowly and in a very orderly way, to avoid crowding by the door. Leave from the back of the pulpit side pews first, then the central pews and then the clock side pews, keeping to the one-way system. You will be asked to sanitise your hands again on exit. Once out of the main door, you may remove your mask.

There will be no refreshments. You may wish to stand and chat with friends but you must remain at a social distance from each other.

A toilet will be available if necessary but you will have to wipe all the handles and surfaces before and after using it with the wipes provided.

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