Newly married couple sign the register
Newly married couple sign the register

Whether you are single or divorced, of mixed faith or no particular faith, you can be married at Stockton Unitarian Church with a service of your choice.

You can marry in our church, provided you are legally free to do so and the lay leader is convinced of your sincerity, your commitment to each other and your reverence for the vows you are making. For many people the civil ceremony is too brief and impersonal, yet they are not at home with the traditional church wedding service. They may not be churchgoers, or even religious in the conventional sense, but nevertheless feel a reverence for the vows they make at marriage and wish to express their faith in life, in one another and in their future together.
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There is a leaflet: "Weddings and Blessings - the unitarian way" - click the image on the right to see it:

To discuss your needs for any of these special services please contact:-

Margaret Kirk Tel: (01845) 574542    or

Margaret Robinson Tel: 01642 782219