You are welcome to contact the minister to arrange to have your marriage at Underbank Chapel. See contacts page for details.

The chapel has several Authorised Persons able to fulfil the legal requirements of the Registrar at the chapel on the day of a marriage.

We are registered to conduct same-sex marriages.

Our minister, Rev Maud Robinson was deeply involved in campaigning for the introduction of legislation for equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. We warmly welcome LGBTQI couples to be married in Underbank Chapel.

Intending couples must give notice to the Sheffield Register Office. Giving notice means making a declaration that you are both free to marry and fulfil other requirements prescribed by law. The Register Office recommends giving 6 months notice before your wedding date, though you are legally able to do this up to one year before the date. You need to ensure that you have given notice at least 28 days before the date.
Further details can be found here: