Swansea Unitarian Church
High Street,

Ms Hilda Dumpleton Tel: 07860 615 960

We believe in the Unitarian Church as a fellowship of those seeking the Kingdom of God.

The service follows a traditional pattern. However, much of the content is humanist or very liberal Christian.

Naming ceremonies and weddings are conducted as arranged for people of any faith or none. Second marriages are also welcome.

The church is situated at the southernmost point of the main High Street, a short distance south of the main railway station, and is next door to an Argos superstore.

Our history
There is some confusion as to the actual date at which the church was founded. We know that it was sometime in the early 1600s, although there are signs of a gathering of Dissenters some time before the people came together as a congregation. The first group to gather was probably Presbyterian and became Unitarian at a later date. The present building dates back to 1847.

Interior views of the Church

All photos by Keith Lewis-Jones

The left photographs show (Clockwise from top left) Dr. A. S. Hurn (1919-22); Rev. Richard J. Hall (1922-30); Rev. Leonard Baker-Short (1959-75) and Rev. Eric Shirwell Price (1931-35)). That on the right shows Rev. Basil Viney (1939-58)

These photographs show the interior and exterior of the Old Meeting House at Swansea, English Presbyterian c.1696.